Maui Jim vs Smith Optics

Maui Jim vs Smith Optics 

Aloha! Today we are comparing Maui Jim vs Smith Optics and will let you know some pros and cons of each brand. Many people go straight to Maui Jim when considering buying polarized sunglasses but what is so special about Maui Jim Sunglasses? The Maui Jim reviews on their website are mostly positive. It sounds like consumers either love them or hate them. Many people had to send their Maui Sunglasses in for repair and were still happy customers. If you have been searching for a Maui Jim on Sale, that doesn’t happen very often, but Smith Optics is a viable option instead for their lower prices and lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Smith Optics makes goggles for winter sports and sunglasses for summer sports and is very supportive of professional athletes. There are good reasons to buy fishing sunglasses from Maui Jim or Smith Optics. Both brands offer sunglasses for fishing that have glass lenses. Glass lenses will help you see more clearly through the water and in general. Polarized glass lenses are the best sunglasses for fishing and Maui and Smith both manufacture some amazing high acuity glass lenses. Maui and Smith also offer polarized shatterproof lenses. Glass lenses, lifetime warranty, Smith offers optical line. Maui Jim’s must be RX'd at an authorized retailing optician and you must pay full price for the sunglasses. Smith sells frame only price is lower (top search for Maui Jim is prescription, repair) smith optics sunglasses, smith optic goggles Top searches for “sunglasses that” Sunglasses that float, fit your face, fit over glasses, are in style 2013, won’t break, wont fog up, won’t scratch, won’t leave marks

Oakley Twenty Polarized Sunglasses Review

Oakley Twenty Polarized Sunglasses Review
SKU# OO9157-06
Color: Crystal Black/Black Iridium Polarized
Price: $180.00

The Oakley Twenty Polarized Sunglass is a lightweight and durable sunglass.  The Crystal Black Color is extremely popular as it sports a classic black look with a translucent (see thru) twist.  This sunglass feels as good on as it looks. 

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Tifosi Clarion Sunglass Review

Tifosi Clarion Sunglass Reviews

Tifosi optic just released a new collection of sunglasses called Clarion!  Clarion refers to the lens technology that was incorporated into four of their most popular models.  The Tifosi Podium, Podium XC, Slip, and Veloce.

The Clarion lenses are unique to the market as they offer a reflective coating, Hydrophic lens treatment, and have zero distortion.  The Tifosi Clarion sunglass models come in 3 hot colors.  Clarion Blue, Clarion Purple, and Clarion Red.    

These sunglasses are some of the best sunglasses on the market for cycling, running, and fishing!

Oakley Crosshair OO4060-06 Sunglasses Reviews

Oakley Crosshair Sunglass Review

This Oakley Crosshair Review is on the Oakley Crosshair OO4060-06 Polarized Sunglass.  This model sunglass features a lead color frame and Black Iridium Polarized Lenses.  This sunglass features rubberized temple tips to prevent the sunglass from slipping on your face.  If you own a pair of Oakley Crosshair Sunglasses please review this sunglass below.  If you are looking to purchase a pair of Oakley Crosshair Sunglasses, feel free to read the reviews below.The Oakley Crosshair is a popular Aviator style Sunglass!

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglass Review

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses are the Original Aviator Sunglasses from the 1930's. This sunglass was originally developed for fighter pilots to help block the glare from their instrument panel while flying. The popularity of these sunglasses has been gaining as time went on. This sunglass is one of the worlds most popular best selling sunglasses, worn by everyone from policemen to pilots, celebrities to the girl next door.

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Where are Ray-Ban Sunglasses made?

Ray-Ban Sunglasses are well known for being innovators of some of the most popular sunglass styles such as Aviator Sunglasses, Wayfarer Sunglasses, Clubmaster Sunglasses, and many other Sunglass styles. Ray-Ban is also well known for manufacturing some of the highest quality sunglasses on the market today.  Due to the large amount of fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses that are out on the market today, many people will look at the temple of the Ray-Ban Sunglass to determine if it is a Authentic Ray-Ban Sunglass or if it is a cheap knockoff made in China.  Well, now may not be quite as easy to determine if the Ray-Ban Sunglasses that you have bought or are about to buy are in fact Authentic Ray-Bans or if they are fakes.

If you look at many Authentic Ray-Ban Sunglasses being sold today, you may notice something different on the inside of the temple.  Authentic Ray-Ban Sunglasses are now being made in China. Thats right, even Ray-Ban began manufacturing Ray-Ban Sunglasses in China where the labor is less expensive than that of Italy.  It was not until recently that the company that owns Ray-Ban (Luxottica) began producing some of the finest sunglasses on the planet today in a country that is well known for making cheap replica knockoffs.

So what does this mean for you?

According to the people we spoke with at Luxottica, the quality of the Ray-Ban Sunglasses are exactly the same whether they are made in Italy or China.  They informed us that the tools and machinery that are used in China are exactly the same as the ones that have been used in Italy.    The materials that are used and the warranty is exactly the same as well.

As of today, not all Ray-Ban Sunglasses are made in China, but we are seeing more and more each day.  It started out with just a few models, and they have been adding more as time goes on.  From what we have noticed, the quality has remained about the same as before, although some peoples perception of the quality may change when they see the "Made in China" stamped on the inside of the glasses.

All in all, if you like the sunglasses, does it really matter if they are made in Italy or if they are made in China?

Write your review here if you believe that the quality of Ray-Ban Sunglasses that are made in China are different than the ones that were made in Italy.

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